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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  September 23, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> the offshoot group at a safe haven inside serious and was close to carrying out an attack clinton -- according to the pentagon. >> we are assessing the effects of our strikes but we have been watching this group closely for some time. >> so they were hit at almost targets time as 14 isil . coordinated strikes from bombers, ships and more. >> eielson made clear that america would act as part of a odd coalition and that is exactly what we have done all stop >> five other arab nations joined in. unprecedented coalition. the strike seemed successful in the opening salvo in what could be a long fight. >> while it is not our policy to discuss future operations, i can tell you last night ross strikes were only the beginning. >> defense officials say there was no coordination with syria's
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president and it's a dicey situation since he is considered an anomie to the u.s. nor were their communications with its ella terry other than we were told a heads up granted to an envoy that the u.s. was about to act all stop >> our coverage of the airstrikes in syria will continue throughout the evening and on 6:00 --ll be back with at 6:00 with more on why thisf'. >> an assault conviction for a former prince george's police officer caught on video eating a university of maryland student is overturned. this was the video from college park after the big win against you in 2010. it got a lot of attention then and now the student in that video is talking only on seven tonight about the new development in this case. brad bell is live in college park with details. sentence read considerations
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and expungement are not uncommon in maryland courthouses. they are often granted to first-time dwi offenders to stay clean and do not be all stop but in this matter, has sparked outrage. the video gained national exposure. watch the student happily skip down the sidewalk. when he sees the police line, he's tops, violates no orders and yet to prince george's lease officers slammed him against the wall and beat him senseless with their batons. eventually, after abc 7 reported the existence of the video, those officers were charged with assault stop one of them, reginald baker, was cleared. the james harrison was convicted eye injury of second-degree assault. he served 30 days home attention. now, a judge has overturned the conviction, cleared harrison's record and close the case. >> it sends a message they can pretty much do whatever they want. >> jack mckenna is a second-year
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law student and argued against the reconsideration and is outraged by the decision which was issued without explanation. >> if they can get away with beating me up on national tv for doing nothing, it makes me scared for what can happen to those people who might happen to and a dark alley when the cameras aren't shining. >> harrison was allowed to retire from the police force before his trial with a full pension. now with his felony conviction overturned, he could return to police work. his lawyer did not return our call seeking comment. mckenna's lawyer says to negate the jury's finding in the truth of the video is unjust. >> it means the police officers think they can commit an act, a savage act of retalix he and get away with it. >> the judge has not responded to our request for an explanation. the prince george's county police point out as a result of what happened here, they
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completely revamped the way they handle student celebrations and demonstrations. out that since that night they have not had any problems here at the university of maryland. >> thank you. more than 1000 people in southeast dcr without power. it happened after a fedex vehicle struck a pole in the 1200 block of sumner road. the outage spans the entire southeast area of area farms. a number of roads are closed and crews are working to restore power but no word on when that maybe. experience --her cool temperatures across the area for the first day of fall. >> it is beautiful outside the belfort furniture weather center. -- wetory in annapolis will take you there live with one of our many cameras -- just a few little sailboats coming
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back to the docks at the naval academy where it is currently 67 degrees with a north breeze at seven miles an hour. 73 in frederick. 73 atberland, 77 stop reagan national airport. through the evening, partly cloudy and cool, the sun goes down and a little less -- in a little less than two hours. temperatures will fall even further, into the 40's. as we get through the day tomorrow, all attention turns to the south and you will see increasing cloudiness and some rain. what about the weekend? we've got all that stuff coming up in just a couple of minutes. to -- now werch turn to the search for hannah graham. the university put out a statement about campus security since the saw were's disappearance more than week ago. police are still looking for jesse matthew they say is a person of interest in this case.
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live in charlotte for the latest. >> that statement coming from the uva resident saying some of the security changes will include in recent patrol of law enforcement officials on campus and expanded hours and the number of vincennes university's safe ride row gram. this incident has shaken the university community and the city of charlottesville while the search for hannah graham and jesse matthew continues. knownmatthew's faces now all over charlottesville, but his whereabouts remain a mystery. >> he is not here and we cannot find him at this moment will stop >> police are awaiting results from the crime lab following friday's search of his apartment. articles of clothing are also at the lab. he remains wanted on two counts of reckless driving after -- reckless driving after fleeing the lease over the weekend but
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authorities believe he's last person to be with hannah graham before her disappearance will stop the captain will say very little about whether please are in contact with people close to matthew. but there is no way we are going to allow everything we know to get out. that would be ridiculous. >> the search for hannah graham is stretching across virginia, with electronic towards getting the word out. matthew, ajesse pickle technician a native of the charlottesville area work as a cab driver last year. >> i would be very surprised if it turned out to be him stop >> he does not think he is related to her disappearance. >> they haven't found anything concrete except that he knew her and had a drink with her, evidently. but police don't know when they will be getting the results from the lab. they say they expected to happen at some point this afternoon but still no word as to whether
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those results have come back. police say they don't know what the results will show but they're looking for anything to move this case forward. >> this just in from the district -- the passing of the bill allows for the carrying of concealed firearms. residents who want concealed carry licenses will have to provide chief of police a reason may need one and complete a training course. the open carry of guns in the district will remain illegal. sam ford we'll have reaction to this coming up at 6:00. ask the d.c. council also considering a bill that would force seven publix will to change their neck aims. the names all refer to american indians. introduced the legislation in the wake of the redskins name controversy. but it is important to write wrongs. institutions and schools
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that have a storied history in terms of their sports teams and we want to fix them. >> the bill would exempt schools that reach an agreement with an indian tribe to use the name. plans toolmes norton introduce a bill that would exempt the nfl from its tax exempt status. consider redskins to be a racial slur. >> the national league east champions the nationals are home for the first time since clinching the division. >> and there's a lot to be excited about tonight stop tim brant is there live where fans are already excited abouthe playoffs. >> no question about it. what a great night for baseball as the excitement continues to grow in the final weeks of the regular season. the red-hot nets are drawing closer to clinching the home field advantage throughout the national league playoffs and they know it. but they continue to just go about their business as usual. they swept the start of a
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three-game set and washington has dominated new york with 13 wins in the last extreme games. it was a nine and two road trip and there was a huge crowd to greet the team when they arrive. team, they love the fan support they are getting. >> it was ready awesome. from miami,home there were probably 50 or 60 fans waiting for us. it was 30 cool. it's a lot of us -- it's something a lot of us have not experienced. it's starting to feel a little more evident. >> no question about it being more evident. this team has great chemistry as they head into the post season. this team put together and we will talk to him at 5:50.
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>> montgomery county makes a decision about the use of drones. why they may not be flying anytime soon around there. >> a scary revelation from the centers for disease control about the ball out right. -- the ebola outbreak. >> big security changes coming -- the ebola outbreak. >> big security changes coming to the bui
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>> no word yet on a motive behind the deadly ups shooting at a warehouse in alabama. a former employee killed two other workers before taking his own life. ups says the shooter was fired yesterday. investigators have not released the name of the gunman or his victims. ups says it's providing thateling to employees at facility. >> if you take a job or go jogging near the white house, you will notice some changes. >> improvements are being made from a security breach where someone scaled the fence and got into the residence. all of the security changes mean? >> we are already starting to see some of them. it could mean the view you get
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from the white house is one of the three places you will be able to get a close-up view of the white house without going through a cavity check. some of those changes are in lace now. >> work crews spent most -- spent much of the day installing a new fence in front of the white house. the defense, taller than the one at the white house extend several feet. >> additional railing. to explain this joins a temporary fence that extends proximity to the white house fence by several feet of stop much to the dismay of some visitors. >> they look forward to seeing the white house. but the changes follow the breach last friday. omar gonzalez was carrying a knife and allegedly had 800 rounds of ammunition in his car. the secret service is considering metal detectors to enter the area.
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the route is part of adrian russell's weekly job. [indiscernible] fencere've been dozens of rages over the air and he doesn't anticipate major changes. the history ofat the protection of the white house, it is pretty amazing, starting with plane close, metropolitan police, and now uniformed secret service. >> the secret service director says the breach over the weekend was unacceptable. any are continuing investigation into what additional security changes need to be made. >> now to a 7 on your side consumer alert -- spirit airlines is increasing its checked bag fee to the holiday season.
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it will cause to extra dollars -- it will cost to extra dollars. right now it is $30 and if you do it in advance and up to $100 if you do it at the gate. >> spirit is going for the record. >> we are going for a bit of a record around here but angst may change in the next day or so. out. gettingevens back to the beautiful autumn weather in september and over. this is a really nice time lapse from our weatherbug camera at oakdale high school. a few high clouds this afternoon. we will see more of that late tonight and especially for the lowtomorrow as we pick up pressure off of myrtle beach. temperatures are comfortable enough, in the mid to upper 60's low stop 66 in gaithersburg.
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70 in easton. cloudiness i was talking about -- you can see the high pressure across the northeast that has been responsible for this nice string of autumn days here. just to the south, high clouds coming in. at -- there's a storm system off the coast that continues and we will see more cloudiness during the afternoon hours tomorrow. the system is going to move right up the coast, so with that in mind, it's going to be a steady progression through the afternoon and evening. will we receive? based on current simulations, we think the chances last into midday thursday. this is one of the simulations of the futurecast computer model
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that you can see the yellow giving an indication of study, heavy rains. but of them may be close the steadiest rain will stay to the east and southeast, especially toward the atlantic coastline where there could be a considerable amount of rainfall. generally a quarter of an inch west of the metro area. the further east and southeast you go, the higher the potential of rain and perhaps northern delaware and the philadelphia area may two and half or three inches of rain. for the rest of the night, partly cloudy with 55 degrees in the cloud cover willing kris deadly. arears possible around the and into thursday morning, be lucky to day --
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hit 70 on thursday. friday looks good and then sunshine and 82 82. pleasant days.of >> thank you. ahead, it mayust look different and the district but they are generating a lot of the same complaints. and then i team investigation, whether anything has been done to fix the problems will stop >> a football coaches lasting message after he lost his battle with bladder cancer. how he's being
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>> a startling prediction today from the centers of disease control. >> the agency says there could be one point 4 million people with a bowl of by the end of january. that one and 4 million is just for two countries -- liberia and sierra leone, which just pitched an unprecedented lockdown to get a handle on this disease. during the dramatic three-day nationwide lot done in sierra leone, health teams went or to door and found 130 new confirmed
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cases of ebola. even as the u.s. and other countries promised to bring doctors and build the mix, hospitals are still overwhelmed. ebola, west africa is launching major public awareness campaigns. >> you got people going door to door talking about disease, we've got songs on all the radio stations in all 60 languages. >> but ultra mistrust is proving to be as deadly as ebola itself stop in guinea, eight members of a public awareness team were found murdered by villagers who believe the soap they were given was poisoned. have comelieve they
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here to kill us and bring us islands that lie about what has killned and we have to them. >> but if moore is not done to stem the outbreak, the world health organization says the number of cases of ebola could hit 21,000 in liberia and sierra leone by the end of the month. >> that is about triple what it is now. sierra leone path president says the lockdown was a success and he may order another one. woman here canceled her trip to west africa because of ebola concerns there has her money back thanks to a story from right here. she decided to scrap a trip that she was concerned about taking her kids into an area impacted by the ongoing health crisis. she contacted air france for weeks asking for a refund. after the 7 on your side team contacted the airline, it gave
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the nearly $4000 she paid back to her for the tickets. >> still to come, a local hockey coach pleads guilty. here who he stole from and w
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>> you are watching abc seven news at 5:00. on your side.
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hot button issue tying technology to safety in montgomery county. county officials grounded for drones after the council issued a resolution demanding county workers do more research before letting drones fly again. >> kevin lewis is live at a firehouse and does the drones make their draw -- makes their job safer. theseefighters say devices provide them with high angle vantage point and give a better perspective on things like large-scale fires, natural disasters and even water rescues on the potomac river. but the county council is essentially saying let's get a clear sketch -- a clear set of guidelines before we go airborne. >> it is something we need to take off. >> today, a grounded conversation. countyontgomery operating drones.
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councilmember roger berliner says he supports drone use with wisdom and prudence in place. >> we should grapple with this will stop x montgomery county has purchased or commercial drones. operates thertment other three. fire officials paraded their hovering recon vehicles showing how a vertical perspective can enhance safety in a firefight. but there are drawbacks. >> three miles east, a remote control aircraft entered. >> the unmanned devices could take out a jetliner engine or crash through a caught the window. then there is the issue of privacy, or a lack thereof. a seattle woman called police after spotted -- spotting this drone outside her window. she watched as the operator pack up his equipment and sped off.
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youou're not hitting stop, are just hitting pause. >> we are happy to to go with a public policy in place will stop >> law enforcement agencies stand to benefit from owning drones and times like hostage standoff, but so far, officers in montgomery county have kept her distance, citing civil liberty concerns. >> time now for today's top story -- the human rights group isil militants0 died last night in airstrikes in syria. the strikes were conducted with the help of five arab nations will stop on its own, the u.s. attack and al qaeda cell. were plottinghey terrorist attacks. >> clothing was among the items
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taken from jesse matthew's apartment will stop he is the last person seen with hannah graham the night she disappeared. on student vanished september 13. police want to talk with him. >> outraged tonight after the conviction of a prince george's county police officer was overturned. james harrison was convicted of second-degree assault after he beat up a university of maryland student in 2010. the judge did not explain her decision. harrison served 30 days of home arrest. >> a judge's sentencing a former hockey coach to 13 months in jail with 40 years suspended. time indy served his fairfax and this is the amount he will have to serve in montgomery county. to stealinguilty from fellow hockey coaches and his own players at rinks and fairfax, montgomery, and prince george's county. pictures released today show him inside the ice rink and then using stolen credit cards at
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area stores. he stole $800 in cash and racked up $13,000 in fraudulent credit card charges. that she said drug addiction to adderall turned him into a thief. accountableng held and apologizing. he's working his way through that and it was a nightmare. >> he has to undergo drug testing and mental health counseling and has been banned from all of the rink he stole from. montgomery county police are asking for help in the search of two missing children. they are looking for images of the two-year-old and three-year-old. investigators say their mother abducted them more than two weeks ago. woman is under arrest but is not telling police where her children are. ask a judge has sentenced a georgia man to 10 months in federal prison for polluting the
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potomac river. he pleaded guilty to dumping waste into the river while the park service paid his company to clean the national mall's storm sewer. the judge ordered brightwell to pay $270,000 in restitutio time for a check on the traffic situation. >> we do have some events -- a crash on 28 near the shoulder. 56, a crash westbound. delays continue, especially on the westbound side. beltway, crash on the outer loop side.
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that's what it looks like on 66. starting to get more or less back to normal. that's the way it looks. >> have a good one. ms. america is talking after news to abc surfaces she was kicked out of her college sorority. how she is defending herself. nightmare ride in a d.c. cap, they filed a complaint and now a nightmare wait began. >> breaking tonight -- to the airstrikes on serious stop the next 911 being taught against america?
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throughat could get in airport security. and the heist commentate -- 22 cars stolen awful lot of stop and she has been miss america for less than two weeks. she's already explaining herself. she's already explaining herself.
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>> there have been a lot of changes made to d.c. cabs over the past year, but that has not stopped a high number of complaints being filed against drivers. >> jesse sturman looked into what customers are complaining about and how the taxicab commission is handling the problem. i-teamhere with the report. >> when you hop in a cab, europa driver follows the rules decide -- designed to keep you safe. we have found that is not always the case. d.c., cabound in rides have in key. march, heway home in had a taxi trip from hell when the driver would not take his credit card, even though it is required by law. >> he said i don't have any
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cash, i don't know what to do for you and locks the door. >> he filed a complaint with the d.c. cap mission will stop according to records obtained by abc seven, he's one of more than 650 people who filed in the first six months of this year. if you file a complaint, you will get an e-mail like us, saying it will take two to three months. but many say they have gone longer without hearing a word of hearing.- without a interested,r isn't cases go to the administrative hearing office where the process could drag on for months. >> we don't have control over the scheduling there, so it could be longer than 30, 60, 90 days before the scheduled hearing. and the complainant would not hear anything in the meantime. last year, records show drivers were handed nearly 9000 tickets were violating
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commission regulations, generating more than $1.2 >>lion in fines will stop the truth is it has been six months, i've followed up twice and there has been no action. the real truth is they probably just a careful thought >> tonight at 11:00, the i-team digs through more than one thousand pages of complaint i'll with the taxi commission will stop we will tell you the biggest problem he did find when he took a cab and we will see of drivers are following the law. d.c. busiest woman in >> coming up next, just in time for this week's "scanl" premiere -- how you can dress like olivia pope will stop >> honoring a local football coach. >> it has definitely been hard. how one community is coming together to remember their coach during an event he held plan but did not live to see himself.
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>> seven is on your side with a health alert tonight concerning new research on diabetes. the disease is holding steady in the u.s. but continues to grow among hispanics and african-americans. ratesowing of diabetes may be related to be more health conscious and reading food labels. researchers say more doctors are using more accurate tests to diagnose diabetes. a bethesda lawyer and volunteer football coach at bethesda chevy chase high school spent months landing a very -- might. on friday, it finally took place, sadly without the coach who lost his battle with latter ascer last month will stop the bethesda chevy chase parents took the field against the wall vikings, a special kind of energy filled the air. >> i have had dreams about this night.
5:46 pm
game, butams about a .hen i to honor the coach >> it's hard for him not to be here but tonight is dedicated to him. >> he died on august 9 after battling bladder cancer for three years. i think he recognized ultimately his time might come and he wanted to have an enduring legacy. he envisions this particular night. >> he wanted his family, his law firm and the butter cancer network to raise awareness about the disease which kills 15,000 people year. know the signsto and symptoms of the disease will stop if you blood in your urine, you need to see a doctor. it is not normal. coach's passionate spirit
5:47 pm
surrounded the field. he brought a lot of energy to the field and to practice and a lot of excitement every time he was here. night, the community came together to make his final wish come true. make tonightto special. it was his idea and we were proud we could make it happen for him. >> and special it was. they wanted to continue the community partnership for years to come. >> at tyson's corner mall, a fairfax county rescue kicked off a new initiative that saving lives. ♪ it's not the worst looking disco you've ever been to, but a do cpr to theto
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beat of "staying alive" by the bee gees. cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death in this country. learning cpr more than doubles a person's chance of survival. relative at 6:00, a virginia and conservative runs for the white house. and a major overhaul of gun laws in the district will stop the new measure that could allow people to carry concealed weapons. escalationest on the of the fight in syria. that's all ahead at 6:00. >> let's get another of date on the weather. sounds like a few changes on the way. >> wringing some rain tomorrow into thursday -- 57 outside the beltre furniture weather center. fall colors starting to show like snowshoe mountain. more about that here
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in our area. read all about it. the six in gaithersburg was up 69 want to go full 73 in the nation's capital. , a 15.5 game lead and they will be home again the mets and the in the upper 60's and being good shape with partly cloudy and cool weather. clouds will increase today but showers may be in the area. let's take a minute and check out the next seven days of the storm system comes up because. rain in the afternoon and at night, a cooler day on thursday clearing on write a. saturday and sunday, lots of sunshine and a fine fall weather continues early next week. more coming up at 6:00.
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>> dancing with the stars results might in prime time. did a jive that excited the judges, enough to give her 35 out of 40 and push her into first lace. but it so exciting. i think this gives us a better chance of reading next week. nascar drivers michael waltrip landed in last legs. another celebrity will be sent home tonight at 8:00. tune in. but if you guys know this, but open road scandal starts on thursday. now you can dress like olivia pope. the fashion line was created by this shows star will stop the costume designer in the head of
5:51 pm
the design for the limited as well. we talked to kerry washington about the clothing line and use kindle premiere. you will hear that thursday night. >> i prefer to see what division champs where. >> let's see what tim is wearing. >> i got this from scandal. the nationals are home again. how about that? they have seven games left in the regular season that will be played right here and they start a three-game set with the mets. all of you folks who did not hit playoff tickets -- come on down because this is great baseball weather. up thes trying to lock home field advantage, so these are meaning will game. i sat down with general manager matt rizzo who says this team is old for the long haul. they remember that lost to the s two years ago.
5:52 pm
like i said remember how you feel right now. it even harder to not feel this way again to stop it is an experience that will help us in the long haul. we are two years more mature as an organization. a lot of players, including the feelingutilized that has fueled us and allowed us to drive in that direction. general manager mike rizzo. they are all getting ready for the playoffs. the crowd is coming in and the music is playing. let's talk about hockey. the winter classic is coming to this station here and we knew it, but they made it official today. what a turnout of materials and
5:53 pm
celebrities. washington capitals and chicago blackhawks number that will be new year's day. of the all-time great events. i don't know who came up with winter hockey outdoors on new year's day, but it is spectacular. this is a short work week, getting ready for the giants. coming up at the clock, we will talk to kurt cousins. >> have a good time out there. americag up next, ms. is talking about what got her kicked out of her college sorority. >> should she
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>> today, the newly crowned miss america is reacting to accusations that she was kicked out of her college for hazing. >> randy it has her story.
5:57 pm
>> just one week after being crowned miss america, a role model to represent intelligence, beauty and grace, she now finds itself in funding to allegations of abusive hazing will stop >> it is just not true. but in an exclusive interview with "good morning america close to she admits she was forced out of the sorority last year. it found anporting investigation that under peer supervision, judges were called names and eight to perform physical tasks to the point of bruising and exhaustion. miss america, whose platform is combating domestic islands, describes those of and friendly. >> things that [indiscernible] >> she says she was ultimately
5:58 pm
kicked out over an e-mail she sent for a sorority party. >> in that e-mail, i made a joke and it was taken out of context and forwarded to the national office. the miss america organization is standing by their winner, saying she has been fully transparent with the organization about her termination from the sorority. flex miss america says she's taking the controversy seriously and with children who look up to her, that it is ok to make the stakes. that is it for abc 7 news at 5:00. --oming up right now at 6:00 >> we will not tolerate safe havens for terrorist to threaten our people. the u.s.xt step as launches an assault against terror groups inside syria. >> and dz leaders approve an overall of handguns.
5:59 pm
>> and the maryland student beaten on video opens up after his attackers conviction is overturned. abc 7 news at 6:00 starts right now. is live, from the abc seven broadcast under, this is abc seven news at 6:00, on your side >> a us-led coalition unleashes a barrage of tomahawk missiles and airstrikes against terrorist targets inside syria. president obama is calling the wave of attacks a first step in the escalating fight against i sil. we've got more on the timing of the move and what is next. it a look at the numbers -- appears we had about 22 separate targets that were focused on overnight will stop we may see more this evening. u.s. forces having to step up
6:00 pm
the offensive going into syria with word that a terror group other than isil were close to conducting a terror attack. but for the first time since this campaign began, fighter jets in syria carrying out deadly attacks will stop there were also arab nations alongside of them. >> it makes it clear to the world this is not america's fight alone. in the people governments of the middle east sil.rejecting i >> the f -- a faded -- undertaken to prevent imminent attacks. >> while they would not they the plot had been imported -- >> our initial indication was these strikes were successful. but it's also only the beginning. both terror groups continue to recruit foreign fighters, including u.s.


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